• Safety is paramount, and we continue to sanitize all commonly touched surfaces in our facilities and aboard our aircraft. Face masks are required in all of our terminals and on our aircraft.
  • Please fill out the Health and Safety Form that is attached to your e-ticket and email it back to us on the day of your flight.
  • Unfortunately, the Sea-Tac ground shuttle service is suspended at this time. We recommend a cab or UBER, you will find either option available at the SEATAC taxi stand.
  • New this season, we are offering a Refundable Ticket option. Cancellations must occur outside of 24 hours of the scheduled departure time. Book online or ask an agent for details.
  • The flight schedule continues to evolve. Please know we are working very hard to ensure we honor your original reservation, but that may not always be possible.
  • The US / Canada border remains closed at this time.  Scheduled flights to Victoria will be suspended until the border re-opens. Please visit the Charter Page with inquiries on repatriating flights and required documentation for a charter flight to Canada.
  • International flights require check-in at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. See International Travel.

  • Domestic flights require check-in at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

  • Seats for passengers who have not checked in by flight closure time may be released.

  • In order to maintain an on-schedule operation, aircraft may depart prior to scheduled departure time (after flight closure).

  • For flights departing from un-staffed locations (i.e., floatplane docks in the San Juan Islands or British Columbia, excluding Victoria), passengers are required to be at our designated pick-up location 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time to accommodate unforeseeable variations in flight time.

• A Passport Book is required for all passengers on international routes, including lap infants. See International Travel.

• Government-issued photo ID is required for adult passengers on domestic routes. Proof of age is required for Lap Infants on domestic routes.
  • Floatplane passengers are limited to 25 lbs. (11kg) total baggage weight per person, regardless of the number of bags.

  • All items are weighed and count toward the allowance — including hand-carry items such as purses, laptops, backpacks, etc.

  • No single item may exceed 50 linear inches (127cm) (length + width + height); this equates to a standard 10 in. x 16 in. x 24 in. (25cm x 41cm x 61cm) carry-on bag as permitted on the major airlines.

  • Land plane passengers are limited to 50 lbs.(23kg) total baggage weight per person, regardless of the number of bags, plus one additional personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop, etc.) of up to 20lbs. (9kg) per person.

  • No single item may exceed 50 lbs. (23kg).

  • No single item may exceed 62 linear inches (157cm) (length + width + height); this equates to a standard large-size suitcase but is smaller than the largest “cruise-style” suitcases.

  • No personal items may exceed 36 linear inches (91cm) (length + width + height).

All baggage conforming to the baggage allowances specified above for each mode of service travels without additional charge. Due to limited baggage capacity in our small aircraft, we strongly encourage passengers to limit themselves to the baggage allowances specified above.

In the event that excess-baggage is required, the following services are available:

  • Excess-baggage presented at check-in will be flown on a strictly standby basis for a fee of $1/lb. ($2.20/kg) above the allowance for the mode of service. This fee is assessed separately for outbound and return flights. “Standby” means that the excess-baggage flies only if capacity is available, and excess-baggage that is accommodated on outbound flights is not guaranteed to be accommodated on return flights.

  • Guaranteed carriage of excess-baggage may be reserved in advance according to the fee structure in the table below by calling our Customer Service group at 866.435.9524.

Mode of ServiceRoute50 lbs. (23kg) or less51-150 lbs. (24-68kg)
Floatplane San Juan Islands & Victoria $75 $147
  Middle Inside Passage
(Nanaimo to Dent Island)
$150 $305
  Northern Inside Passage
(Blind Channel to Sullivan Bay)
$150 $398
Land Plane Eastsound & Friday Harbor Airport n/a $126
      All excess-baggage fees listed above are inclusive of tax.

Golf clubs may be accommodated under the following parameters:

  • One ‘Sunday Bag’ with a total weight of 25 lbs. (11kg) or less may be carried per passenger in addition to the standard baggage allowance on floatplane routes. This is a lightweight nylon bag holding approximately 6 clubs. An advance booking must be made specifically for your Sunday bag on floatplane routes. A prepaid fee of $25 per passenger, per segment applies. This will be listed on your eTicket confirmation, once the advance booking is complete.
  • Sunday Bags do not require advance booking on wheeled-aircraft routes provided the combined weight of the Sunday Bag and passenger baggage does not exceed 50 lbs. (23kg).

Ticket pricing is dynamic and fluctuates per the season.  Refundable tickets are available at the time of booking.  

Packages include:  Victoria Sea & Sky made in partnership with Victoria Clipper *and* Whale Watching or Kayaking Packages with San Juan Safaris.

  • Flight changes made more than (24) hours prior to flight departure are subject to any difference between the fare originally booked and the prevailing published fare for the new flight segment(s).

  • Package changes made more than (72) hours prior to flight departure are subject to any difference between the package originally booked and the prevailing published fare for the new package.


  • For flight cancellations made more than (24) hours prior to flight departure, the value of canceled flight segment(s) is retained as booking credit.  To utilize the booking credit, travel must be completed within 18 months from the date the reservation was first canceled.  

  • A change or cancellation made less than (24) hours prior to flight departure will result in full forfeiture of the fare.

  • A change or cancellation of a Package made less than (72) hours prior to flight departure will result in full forfeiture of the Package fare.  

  • All flight credits are fully transferable.

  • Missing a flight – defined as failure for any reason to check in prior to flight closing – results in full forfeiture of the fare for the missed flight segment regardless of fare class (with the sole exception of government fare, which is fully refundable at any time).
  • Passengers missing a flight may fly stand-by on the next available flight over the same route at no additional charge.
  • Passengers affected by major-airline flight delays into Sea-Tac Airport are strongly encouraged to contact our Customer Service group at 866.435.9524 at first indication of a delay. Our Customer Service Agents are available to discuss contingency options.
  • Cats and dogs are welcome aboard Kenmore Air flights. For the comfort and safety of our passengers, we maintain a limit of one pet per flight.

  • The pet must be harmless, inoffensive, odorless, require no attention inflight, and remain in one location for the duration of the flight.

  • Advance bookings are required for all pets, regardless of size or weight, and fees may apply, according to the table below. Arriving for your flight without advance bookings for your pet may result in unanticipated fees or denial of boarding. Your pet will be listed on your emailed itinerary. To add a pet to your booking, please contact our Customer Service group at 866.435.9524

Pet Weight Floatplane (Year-Round Routes)
25 lbs. (11kg) or less No fee; counts toward standard baggage allowance
26–50 lbs. (12–23kg) $75 each way
51–75 lbs. (24–34kg) Standard adult fare
> 75 lbs. (34kg) Standard adult fare
  • All cats must travel in a small, soft sided, duffel-bag style carrier.

  • Most dog kennels will not fit in our aircraft on our scheduled service flights, however, charter service may be an option. Please contact our Charter group at 866.359.2842 to discuss options. For passengers transiting through Sea-Tac Airport, kennel storage is available at Ken’s Baggage and Storage.

  • Pet immunization records and a health certificate are required on international routes.

  • Kenmore Air does not offer unaccompanied pet transport services.

  • Federal law prohibits the carriage of hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your luggage or on your person. Many everyday products are considered hazardous under these regulations.

  • Categories of items that are generally prohibited include but are not limited to: flammable substances, explosives, oxidizers, poisons, compressed gases, infectious agents and radioactive materials.

  • Examples of specific prohibited articles include: aerosols, spray starch, fireworks, strike-anywhere matches, gasoline, lighter fluid, butane, pesticides, paint, scuba tanks, propane cylinders and loose lithium batteries.

  • More information is available at the Department of Transportation’s Safe Travel website.

  • Passengers violating Federal hazardous materials laws are subject to fines of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years.

  • All passengers, baggage and cargo traveling on any Kenmore Air flight or ground shuttle or within the confines of any Kenmore Air facility are subject to search at the discretion of Kenmore Air.

  • Kenmore Air has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Kenmore Air will not share any personal or private customer information with any person or organization outside of Kenmore Air, except as required by US or Canadian law.

The City of Seattle, with a permit from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), installed a line of five buoys on 5.24.2018 in a north-south line in the center of the lake. These are to mark a seaplane advisory area for a trial period this summer. While this is a City of Seattle initiative we know a lot of you have questions and want to hear from us. Learn more. 

We accept the following credit cards

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

We accept Personal Cheque with a form of ID.

Kenmore Air is cash-less; as of December 1, 2019